Hi, I'm Juan Rios

I'm a Product Designer and Developer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have 10+ years of experience building digital products and services.

Currently, I'm a Team Lead and UX Engineer at Mendix, making apps that enable community and collaboration.

Selected Projects


    The place for Makers to connect, get answers to questions from the community, and post ideas for product managers

    • css
    • scss
    • design system
    • low-code
  • SVG Grabber

    A Google Chrome extension to quickly preview and get all the svg assets from a website

    • javaScript
    • svg
    • extension
  • myCloud App –– Swisscom

    A service to store and share photos and files securely and access them from any device

    • product design
    • mobile
    • iOS
    • android

    Llorona Records is a label and a platform for creative projects around music based in Bogotá, Colombia. Since 2007 it documents, promotes and represents unique and authentic artists

    • design
    • html
    • tachyons
    • jekyll

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